Here's just a few of the major items we handle:

Dedicated Hosting

You get your own server. Many hosting providers will host your website on the same server as a bunch of other websites. Taking performance and security away from your website. Your website won't share valuable computing power with other websites.

Automatic Server Updates

Your server is automatically patched and updated. Leaving no room for vulnerabilities or outdated drivers and packages.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Have a WordPress site? Have your core installation of WordPress, themes and plugins all automatically updated. Ensuring that your site and it's plugins keep receiving the support and management they require for a peppy and lean website.

Automatic Backups

Backups are performed on the server as well as the application and are done daily. These daily backups are kept for four weeks. Restores take minutes. Make a mistake and mess up your website to an unfixable spot? No problem, we can restore it.

Automatic Security Certificate

Don't have SSL enabled on your website? Why the hell not? I'll get that done for you. This is a no-brainer and every website should have an SSL certificate.

Advanced Performance

The latest hardware with solid state hard drives, advanced caching engines and code-optimization tools that work in unison for a young, lean, mean website.

Staging Sites

Make changes to your site on a separate instance that doesn't touch your live, production website. We can easily clone your site to a development server where changes can be made and approved. Once finished, those changes can be pushed to the live production website in minutes.

Monitoring and Alerting

Every few minutes and automated test is performed to ensure your site is online. The moment it isn't, we're alerted immediately. A ticket is generated internally at TWADEIO and we're on it! Historical data is represented in available reporting throughout the hosting lifetime that your website is with us.

Free WordPress Migration

We'll gather a bit of login information from you for your WordPress site, and handle the migration for you. The migration handles all of your WordPress site's files and database as they were prior to moving over to TWADEIO hosting. After that, your site is hosted on high performing, secure infrastructure.

FIRST OF ALL, how much is it?

$100.00 per month. That's it. Most providers that are less expensive will end up costing you this and then some with additional support, addons, stress, your time and other nonsense. $100.00 and the services above and more are included.