We'll keep you protected and you can feel safe with:

Network Analysis

Network analysis is a large inspection of your overall network. Taking a look into available network space, devices on the network, network security, performance, network segmentation and more. Get a lay of the land as it pertains to your network.

Wireless Capability

There are many aspects to a wireless network that contribute to it's available bandwidth, capacity, performance and availability. Things like neighboring wireless networks, building materials, access point saturation and more. Get an understanding of your wireless deployment or get recommendations for improving your wireless capability.


Do you have a good understanding of what your firewall (if you even have one) is protecting against or doing at all? Let's take a deep dive and determine what's going on there, and how it can be improved to protect your business and yourself.


Get alerts for devices that are offline, keep a tab on your ISP's service to you, ensure that your printers and servers are available and reachable over the network, improve network performance by finding what's consuming your network resources and take action to keep your network lean and clean.