We'll keep you protected and you can feel safe with:

Managed Antivirus

Cloud delivered protection from the latest threats and continuously monitored and updated. All scans are automated, scheduled and audited. You want you keep working, we'll keep the bad software from causing you grief.

Managed Firewall

Keep pesky applications and evil doers at bay with firewall protection. Whether we mean to or not, there are threats that attempt to see what ports are available for exploit. Having a firewall enabled helps keep those at bay so you can focus on your work.

Unwanted Application Scanning

Sometimes, applications aren't necessarily dangerous, but rather annoying and troublesome. Managed endpoint protection looks for these applications, and we'll review for their potential usefulness and remove unwanted or unnecessary software.

Dynamic Process Behavior

Not only are files and folders monitored, but additional behavior monitoring is enabled. This allows endpoint protection to detect applications and services that could be misbehaving in a way that's unnatural. This helps us detect malicious behavior from an otherwise normal process.

Realtime Script Analysis

This endpoint protection service analyzes scripts that are run on the system. Scripts are some of the easiest ways that attackers gain access and cause harm. This process actively monitors for such behavior and stops them if they pose a threat.

Host Intrusion Protection System

The Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) component monitors critical operating system activities to protect the computer against malware actions.

File Hash Lookup

This automated service analyzes in real-time file hashes of executables and files to determine if it's a known malicious file. This services validates file hashes with known threats and blocks them from the start.

Windows Registry Monitoring

The registry will be monitored for modifications and the selected protective action will be applied to detected unrecognized Windows services, autostart entries or scheduled tasks.

Automatic Containment

Automatic Containment protects your computer against unknown malware by auto-containting and blocking the actions of unknown applications in such a way that these applications can not harm your computer.